Do empty houses sell well?

The answer is NO!!!!

I was looking around at a site that shows houses for sale in my area and was looking at the ones listed and was shocked at how many of them are empty.  The problem with empty houses are – Buyers will not pay for something they do not understand or remember.  Empty rooms are too easy to forget about.  If you are trying to sell at 4 bedroom home, a buyer needs to see 4 beds or they will think you are miss-advertising.

It amazes me that so many real estate agents do not suggest, promote or insist on their clients staging their homes.  Why would a realtor not want the homes to sell as fast as possible?   Many realtors will think they can help their clients stage the home.  Some can, but from what I have seen, many do not.  The first things that people think about when they think about home staging is to de-clutter.  However most people do not know how to do this in the best way.  They end up de-cluttering the home so much that it looks sterile.  This will not make a buyer want to live there.

Home staging is a simple and easy way to sell your home and it is cheaper than the carrying cost of keeping it on the market and reducing your price.  You may have to spend a little up front to make a lot in the end.

Home Staging is key to selling your home

When it came time to sell my home, I knew I was going to need some help.  I have heard it said over and over again, “Staging is key to selling your home”.  So I contacted Donna.  She came to my home and within a few hours I had several pages of notes and suggestions on everything from what photos to remove, curtains to add, toys and furniture to remove as well as cleaning out my closets!  I took all her ideas and put them in to play.  I am thrilled to share that my home sold for full asking price the fisrt day it went on the market!  I know it was because of Donna’s Staging designs!  If  you are think about selling your home, you have to call Designs by Donna.

Staging Diva does write up about me

Home Stager Wins over Skeptical Husband

The idea to hire a home stager generally comes from the wife, if you’re dealing with a couple in my experience.
Sometimes the husband will call me first to discuss the business rationale for investing in home staging and then turn the whole thing over to his wife when he’s satisfied that this isn’t some crazy idea.Other times, the husband has nothing to do with it or may even object, but decides to go along with his wife’s wish to have the house staged before it goes on the real estate market.That’s what happened with Staging Diva Graduate Donna Richterwho shares this story:”I worked with a client to stage their home because they needed to move out of state. During the meeting the husband could not join us. After the husband saw the list of staging suggestions he said it was ridiculous. There was nothing on that list that was going to help them sell. So the wife did most of the work on the list by herself.

After moving a love seat out of the living room and replacing it with a recliner and the other changes to the house, the husband admitted he could not believe how great the house looked and how much larger it seemed. The wife felt great about all her work.

Their house then went on the market and sold on Day One for full asking price. She is a believer and I think he is now as well.”

Living room staged with advice from Donna Richter, Designs by Donna LLC, Colorado.
“The Staging Diva Training Program taught me what to focus on and how to explain how staging could help sell the home.” (Donna Richter)

Article written by Debra Gould of Staging Diva

Home Staging helps house sells in ONE DAY!!!

I just worked with a client to stage their house.  The husband could not meet with us the day we did the walk through, but the wife took great notes.  Once the husband got home he could not believe some of the notes and said many times “I don’t understand why we have to do this”, “this is stupid”.  The wife knew the benefit of Home Staging and did the work herself.  All of her hard work paid off when her husband said “Wow this place looks great and it looks so much bigger”.  Then the best thing happened, the house was under contract on the first day it was on the market, and for full asking price.  So now the husband believes in the helpful benefits of Home Staging.  I am just happy I have another satisfied customer.


Home Staging should not be left up to your Realtor

Some Realtors are good at helping you get your home ready to sell.  However, they are there to build a relationship with you and they will not want to make waves.  They will not tell you things that might make you upset.  By not telling you everything, you might not get the most out of their help.  Home staging is all about helping you sell your home.  If you only do a portion of the work to your home, you give mixed messages to home buyers leaving them more confused about your home.  That will not help you sell your home quickly and for the most money possible.  Just as you would not trust a dentist to do the work of your doctor, don’t use a realtor to stage your home.  Use a designer and get the eye and training of a designer to make your home look the best it can.

Home Staging an empty home

Trying to sell an empty home can cost you more by your home being on the market longer.  This causes it to cost you more in carring costs.  When a house is empty potential buyers have nothing to look at beside the house itself.  The vacant room allows the buyer to focus on each and every imperfection and distracts people from looking at the bigger picture.  Empty rooms also look smaller than ones with furniture.  They also make you look desperate to sell, causing you to get lower offers.

Before Pictures:

After Picture:

Home Staging Before and Afters

When this homeowner decided to put her house on the market she contacted me to help stage the home.  Pictured is the kitchen area and the living room.  The kitchen that had too many personal items on the counter that hid the large amount of counterspace that is attractive to buyers.  The living room had a dominate wall color, which was great for the home owner, but not for perspective buyers. It also had too much furniture and clutter that hid the large living room which is attractive to buyers.  Remember you are selling square footage so make sure you are showing it off.

Before Pictures:

After Pictures:

Home Staging

Selling your Home without Home Staging is like going to an Interview in Sweats

Home staging can dramatically decrease the time that your house is on the market. Our Home Staging plans will help you produce results quickly.

People will decide to buy your home in the first 8 seconds they are at your home. Will your home be ready?

How will home staging get you maximum dollar when you sell your home:

People selling there home think that people will be able to look past the ugly decor or empty rooms to see “potential”, but most people can’t. That is why new home developments use model homes to sell their product.

Savvy home sellers realize the same principals apply to the resale market and turn to professional home stagers to assure they sell quickly and for top dollar.

My clients have found they are selling their homes in days not months and for top dollar. The cost of staging does not compare to the price cut you asked to take on your home if it does not sell in the first few months.

Trying to sell an empty home can cost you more by your home being on the market longer. When a house is empty they have nothing to look at beside the house itself. The vacant room allows the buyer to focus on each and every imperfection and distracts people from looking at the bigger picture.

Staging has also become popular in the rental market as well. If you have a rental you might want to consider staging it and being able to ask more money for the unit because of the way it looks.