Could not have done it without her

Donna is so easygoing and full of terrific ideas. I never felt pressure to choose one thing over another because Donna really listened to me to begin with. All the choices she brought to me were well thought out and were well within the criteria she helped me set.

You do not have to have a “great eye” or “an established sense of style” to have a gorgeous home. You just need to hire someone like Donna to help you bring it all together!

D.P. – Thornton, Co

Interior Designer gets Thanked for Helping

“Donna has been an incredible resource to us in decorating our new home! Her relaxed, energetic personality results in comfortable conversation that flows easily from one idea and room to the next. Donna’s ideas as to the placement of framed pictures (some oversized), paint color suggestions to add character to a room and even ideal heights at which to hang curtains to enhance the height of a room while maximizing natural light have been invaluable. She uses her education in interior design to compliment her natural talent for creating living spaces that make individual statements. Thank you, Donna! ”

David and Christie. – Westminster, Co


My husband and I remodeled our kitchen in 2012 and Donna was instrumental in helping me make boring (but important!) decisions like:
How high should I hang my wall cabinets?
Where should my outlets go?
How do I arrange the lights over my island counter-top?
What will go in this empty space now?

Sometimes, she takes measurements and drafts up plans to resolve my issues and sometimes, she simply walks around my house, rearranging things til it all makes more sense and feels cozy!

Donna is a creative and joyful person who takes great pride in her work and she is such a pleasure! I think about her every day as I wander around in my house that I love soooo much because of her help! – Jodie L – Broomfield, CO

Amazing and simple change

“I had a functional window treatment problems at my office and aesthetic issues at home.  Donna was able to come to both locations, assess the problems professionally and make recommendations that included repairing the shades instead of buying a new shade.  This fix did not bring her any income.  She listened to my many concerns (many!) and was patient as I changed my mind, giving me great direction and quick responses.  I love my before and after.”   –  A. Richardson – Broomfield, Co

Creative about Design

“Donna is very creative about design.  She is insightful about what makes a room look great, how to illuminate it and even provides examples of how you can solve your storage and design problems.” R. Lyn – Broomfield Co

Home Staging is key to selling your home

When it came time to sell my home, I knew I was going to need some help.  I have heard it said over and over again, “Staging is key to selling your home”.  So I contacted Donna.  She came to my home and within a few hours I had several pages of notes and suggestions on everything from what photos to remove, curtains to add, toys and furniture to remove as well as cleaning out my closets!  I took all her ideas and put them in to play.  I am thrilled to share that my home sold for full asking price the fisrt day it went on the market!  I know it was because of Donna’s Staging designs!  If  you are think about selling your home, you have to call Designs by Donna.